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We threw our first collaborative audio/visual/sensual event in the majestic Crestone Colorado on September 28th 2018.

Erothyme and Little Star performed a moving downtempo set while I VJ’d (live-mixed my animated art that was projected on to the stage), and Dome Betz live painted. The flyer I created for the event is a collage consisting of a photo of Erin (Little Star) with the art of Dome Betz behind her and one of my art pieces blended in. (can you find which one?)

It was an honor to collaborate, and this was a vision in the making. When I met Erin Little Star, we felt a great resonance between each other’s music and art and wanted to find a way to merge them. I’ve loved her music and found it very special and moving since the first listen. Since then she has started to collaborate with Bobby Erothyme, and when I gave Erothyme a good listen, I really found the music to be very original and special as well and have been enjoying it quite a bit.

This was the first time that I stepped into time-based art in literally about 20 years…   I studied video art and multi-media, and then worked as a video editor for about 2 years, but after leaving that job, I went sailing (literally, for years), and then went back to my old love – painting, what you see on this website.

Here are some photos and image stills from the event.

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