I strive to reveal and shine a light on the Spiritual Perspective of Life, of Earth, of Nature, of Humans, of all Sentient beings, of Technology even. A Higher Vision and outlook is so desperately needed in our modern lives where we are made to feel so superficially connected yet so deeply disconnected (from our roots, from our Sacred and unique selves, and from what gives us the gift of our very lives. Our souls yearn for Unity and for acceptance and inclusiveness, in our daily lives and in our general outlooks which guide our ways. The vibratory experience of Oneness, once consciously experienced, is never forgotten. Spiritual perspective acknowledges the Great Mystery and that not everything can be interpreted by us, and that we are not here to be acting as the top of this planetary food chain, here to subjugate the planet to our needs but are only a part of a vast interconnected web of life. Whatever your spiritual or religious persuasion or lack thereof, you cannot deny the fact that your very life and even the possibility of your having future generations is dependent on the health of the air you breathe, the water you drink, the state and peacefulness of your immediate environment, etc. The rationalistic, materialistic, patriarchal paradigm, that has been dominant in this culture for far too long, has brought us to the brink and quite possibly over the edge of extinction. It’s time to trust your own presence and tune into your uniqueness and to what special gifts you brought here from the journey that your Soul has undertaken to be right here and right now in the infinite moment of unfoldment of this fractal hologram that is both you and me and ………………………………. Every step that brings you closer to trusting your essence, acknowledging the pain and hardships in your life as lessons, even if not clear what lessons they may be, all of this may bring you closer to your own purpose, as a unique Soul like no other. If you are here, you have a gift to share that is needed by everyone, if you trust your guidance and intuition. It may not be so obvious, it may be very subtle or discrete or seemingly simple. You are needed here to actualize your Potential, whatever it may be, and this is sorely needed by the planet, by all of us, a gift of awakening of the greater whole, that is what we are all here for! I humbly thank you for being here and for this opportunity to hopefully inspire and serve in this way of spirit infused visions.